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Who Makes The Speeches?

   The bride’s father and/or mother,  and the groom's best man. They are traditionally responsible for making speeches. However starting in 2022 WE have seen changes such as the maid or Matron of honor making speeches too. There is a set format to follow regarding the order of the speeches, and who needs to be thanked as part of each speech. However you wish it to be. Remember, It’s your day, after all! 

   Have you ever thought about how much it costs to give a speech? If you take the cost of your full wedding, and divide that price into how many hours your wedding day is, and then divide that by 60 minutes you will have a better idea of how much per minute a speech can cost you. This is why we say to keep speeches at 5 minutes or less.

Example: Wedding Cost $30,000.00 [Divide by 5 Hours]. Equals $6,000.00 Per Hour [Divide by 60 Minutes]. Your speeches cost $100.00 per One (1) minute.

Red Flags -> Know How To Spot A Fraud

   We all know a guy who considers himself a DJ because he played top 40 hits at his frat’s parties in college. And the one who thinks being a DJ means only playing EDM and house music. Technology now has enabled everybody to call themselves a "DJ." Don’t just find somebody on Craigslist, a family friend, or some social media site and go by pricing. If it’s too good of a price (example: $500.00), your next fear is hoping if the person’s going to show up. If your DJ only has the ability to communicate with you online using email, messaging, or social media then be afraid. They should have a direct phone number where someone always answers. You should have the ability to video conference. I mean were living beyond 2020 right?

  WE suggest having an audio or video conversation with the DJ to learn more about their business and if they’ll be able to offer services that meet your specific needs (e.g. you’re a country crowd, but this company excels at hip-hop and R&B, you need additional services that are really specific, etc.). There are many guys & girl DJ's who are like car salesman and they’re very forceful (Scary). They have these pre-programmed parties. They go in there, they’re not going to take requests, they’re not going to abide by the bride and groom’s wishes because they can't let go of their ego, and come off as like they "think they know better.”

   Along with experience, ask to see pictures and/or videos from prior events or any events. These should include the DJ in the picture on events they have worked. Finally, make sure they’re bringing industry's standard equipment (Not Alto, or Pyle Brand with a Home Receiver Amp). Your DJ should know, and have their exact equipment's power consumption written down. This includes voltage, amps, or amps cubed, wattage,  power load, plug types, audio plug types, decibel levels, and wireless microphones. Have you ever gone to a wedding. The Music suddenly stopped because the breaker tripped? That is terrible preparation by the coordinator, venue & the DJ. 

DJ NIKKO - Professional photo By - Celina Lyness

Left Deck Check "Events"

DJ NIKKO - Professional photo By - Celina Lyness

Digital Request's Live

What Package is This Included in?

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Right Deck Check "Wedding"

Do I Have To Tip My Wedding Vendors?

   When it comes to this wedding etiquette, Yes you are expected to tip vendors such as your wedding planner & coordinator, the DJ & entertainment, musicians, band members & servers. This is generally taken care of in good faith by the groom's Best Man. The couple should also pay for their meals on the day of, too. However, that doesn't mean you can't tip your other vendors like the florist, your on scene painters, hair stylist, & bartending staff. If you were particularly happy with their service, We definately suggest giving them a tip, a small wedding vendor gift, or any amount of cash. The DJ, Planner, Florist, Makeup artist and other artist really appreciate a hand written thank you card. This small gesture will be kept for life by the friends you made during your wedding.

Song Requests, Why is this Important?

   While providing input such as, “We love ‘80s rock!”; “Our friends go crazy for Rihanna!”; or “Throw some Barry Manilow in there for my stepmom,” helps guide your DJ in the right direction. We always suggest asking every couple that you invite to your wedding to submit a few songs they will absolutely dance to. this way they can spend less time requesting music, and focus on your wedding and being present. If you want to see dancing, make sure the song requests are danceable. Sometimes what friends hear on the radio sound upbeat in the car, however it may not be something that’s good for dancing. Your DJ should be skilled enough to pick up on your specific type of music with just a few songs.

DJ NIKKO - Professional photo By - Celina Lyness

I Love Hands on Weddings

DJ/MC Nikko & Celina Lyness


The Groom Knows It

He crushed That Mix

DJ NIKKO - Professional photo By - Celina Lyness

Latin Music?

Lets keep it Real. Yes WE Got Latin Bangers

Don’t Rely on Wi-Fi

   This is something you should never trust. Don't trust the DJ who's only source of music is from an internet playlist only available via the internet. Nowadays a lot of DJs are starting to say, "I’ve got 50,000 songs and they’re on the cloud." The Internet is not as reliable in the country, in a barn, or in an off-site location as it is in a nearby city. How many times have you attempted to make a phone call somewhere and you can’t get a signal. There’s a chance you’re not going to be able to get a signal at that barn, the vineyard, or a catering hall. Some venue owners will not give you their venue's Wi-Fi password. I've been to catering halls where the venue says, "I can’t give you our password." With this being known now, We suggest you contract with a DJ who not only has all of their songs downloaded, but also has a backup drive, or back up device such as a tablet or other laptop.

How Should My Fam & Friends Sit at My Ceremony?

   Yes, there is a traditional way for. First, the bride’s family sit on the left of the aisle (If you are standing at the altar and looking into the audience) and the groom’s on the right for the ceremony. However, in the modern day, it’s very common for couples to have an open seating plan, with guests ‘choosing a seat, not a side’. This goes with the sentiment of two families becoming one. I still believe the family should always be up front, and the second row for those cousins, and extended. I can also see the front row being used for the slow moving, or elderly as well "The Grands."

Does Everyone Get a +Plus-One?

   If you want and can afford to give all of your guests plus-ones, go for it. However, once you've invited all guests who must be considered package deals (a quick refresher: spouses, engaged couples and couples who live together, or have been dating seriously for a year or more), you aren't obligated to offer other single guests dates. The only exceptions to this rule are members of your wedding party and single guests who are coming from far away or really won't know anyone there.

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