Choosing the right DJ for your wedding or event can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available. At We Dream, we understand that you want everything to be perfect on your special day, which is why we've compiled a list of the most common concerns that couples have when it comes to selecting a DJ, and how we address them.

Music Selection 

Will the DJ play the music that I want?

1. At We Dream, we believe that your wedding or event should be a reflection of your personal style and taste. Our DJ's will work with you to create a customized playlist that includes your guests, and your favorite songs fits the mood of your event.

Sound Quality

Will the sound equipment be cheap or industry standard?

2. We invest in current modern equipment and maintain it to the highest standards to ensure that the sound quality at your event is top-notch. You can trust that the music will sound amazing.


Will the DJ be experienced and professional?

3. Our DJ's have years of experience and a passion for music, making them the perfect choice for your wedding or event. They are dedicated to ensuring that your day is unforgettable and will handle everything from setup to takedown with professionalism and ease. Suit and Tie, with dress shirt.

Equipment & Logistics

What time will my DJ get there?

4. At We Dream, we believe that your special day should be stress-free, which is why we take care of all the details, including setup and takedown. You can relax and enjoy your day, knowing that everything is taken care of. WE always strive to arrive at least 3 Hours prior to your ceremony, & Prelude


Will the DJ be affordable?

5. We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality, making WE Dream the ideal choice for couples on a budget. You can trust that you will get the best value for your money. You can trust that the equipment WE use will be the industries standard.

How Much Space Does the DJ Need?

Can we shove them into a corner?

6. We must stress to every couple that putting 'Baby' in a corner is never a good idea. Your DJ should be setup optimally at the center of the dancefloor. This gives the DJ the focus they need to read your entire crowd, make important announcements, and call in the wedding party, and couple to the floor during the Grand Entrance. DJ’s require a good amount of space for equipment. However, every band and DJ have a different set-up; while some can squeeze into a little corner (We Never recommend putting your DJ in any corner), others will require a full 20-by-10 foot space, or minimally 10' foot by 10' foot. In regards of the band, you may also want to ask: How many musicians are in the band? How many vocalists? Is there any difference in regards of how many musicians/instruments you can hire? And since it would really be a bummer to hire a DJ or band just to discover at the last minute that they can’t set up properly at the venue for your party, you should probably ask ahead of time.

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Choosing the right DJ for your wedding or event is a big decision, and we understand the concerns that come with it. 

You only have one wedding your entire life. So, when you choose a Dream Wedding ask yourself an important question! should I save a little money and select a DJ company who may be cheaper, or should I choose the company for me, spend a little extra, and have unforgettable memories that will last the rest of our lives. WE are dedicated to making that day unforgettable, and addressing all of your concerns up front. You deserve this experience to your ONCE in a LIFETIME Wedding. 

Q: How much do your services cost? 

A: Our pricing varies based on the type and length of event, as well as any additional services requested. We will provide a detailed quote during the consultation. We are very transparent about our pricing. We list them right on our website. No sign ups, no login, and no password.

Q: Can you work with a planner or coordinate with other vendors? 

A: Yes, we work closely with planners and other vendors to ensure that your event runs smoothly and is tailored to your specific needs.

Q: Are you licensed to do businesss

A: Yes, we have documents from the state of South Carolina.

Q: Do you have a large music library? Is it Streaming Music? 

A: Yes, we have a wide variety of music to choose from and can accommodate any genre or theme. We also take requests from you and your guests. NO STREAMING Music. We make sure to have all your music ready to go on your Event or Wedding Day.

Q: What services does your DJ company offer? 

A: We offer DJ services for weddings, corporate events, parties, and other special occasions in the Charleston, SC area. We also offer lighting and sound equipment rental.

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