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Why We Choose Dream Weddings, Events and Entertainment?

Dream Weddings Events & Entertainment understands that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are dedicated to making it unforgettable. Our experienced DJ's are passionate about music and bring energy to every event they play. Here are a few reasons why you should choose We Dream.

1. Stress-Free Planning 

- We take care of all the details, from setup to takedown, so that you can enjoy your special day without worrying about the logistics. Our online planning worksheet makes it simple to fill out the details. There's no more emailing PDF files, then you having to waste ink, paper, time, pens, etc. All you need to fill out your worksheet is a phone, computer, tablet, or iPad. All of your information is sent securely to our office & DJ's.

2. Experienced DJ's 

- Our DJ's have years of experience and know how to keep the dance floor packed, ensuring that your guests have a fantastic time. WE have modern techniques that ensures you and your guests will have fun WE curate your entire music list so your guests will dance all night. WE make sure to read the crowd, mix in key, and play your guests requests. Our DJ's have real world experiences, so WE apply the experience to your unforgettable event.

3. Professional Equipment 

- We use Industry's standard equipment at every event. There are no short cuts. This is very important not only to us, but to you as well. WE want you to be assured that the sound equipment WE bring will always be the best. Our DJ's aren't just DJ's. They are also audio engineers. We constantly check the audio levels during cocktail hour, dinner, and reception. Have you ever been to a wedding where the music was so loud, you couldn't hear your own conversation? WE understand that feeling, so WE make sure it's pitch perfect so this never happens.

4. Affordable Pricing 

- We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality, making We Dream the ideal choice for brides on a budget. WE know weddings aren't cheap. WE can work with you on a flexible payment plan at your request. NO, we will not charge extra for this. WE sincerely care about all of our couples. WE want you to have the greatest experience from a company who cares.

5. Customizable Playlists 

- We take pride in offering customized playlists tailored to your preferences, ensuring that the music at your event is a perfect reflection of your taste. Not only can we customize your music, WE will also practice your specific DJ set before an audience on our radio station. WE do this to get feedback from real people. WE treat every wedding like its the Super Bowl.

DJ NiKKO -- My career as a DJ & music producer started in 1996. I was a resident DJ on multiple radio stations starting in early 1999. I was the resident DJ on Orbital Grooves Radio, Gremlin Radio, and NSB Radio, Boost FM. Communication and positive vibes are my main focus. I still collect vinyl records, and digital audio because my crate of music is never full. My music collection is infinite as songs are produced daily. I think taking calculated risks set me apart from other companies? I like to invent things that can simplify the matter, or improve upon what it is today. I believe my time in the merchant marines programmed me to be a better listener, observer, and a leader. There are some things I have witnessed while working for other companies that drove me crazy, more less because I didn’t have the power to fix it. We were also talked down on, and were never given a chance to express are creativity. This was one thing I wanted to change in my company. 

Choose We Dream SC for your wedding or event, and let us make that dream event come true. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference for yourself.

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DJ Bricey B

DJ Bricey B found his calling to music at a very young age. He would rather not give attention to the TV or movies, in fact he focused on the frequency of music. This lead him to play instruments for family members and 'celebrity' friends. He also played in a few College Level Alternative rock bands (You probably have...Never ever heard of them), and eventually discovered records, and mixing music. DJ Bricey B spent years spinning tracks & mixing music all around local dive bars, and top shelf clubs. Following afterwards he transitioned to upscaled venues, events, and weddings. DJ Bricey B isn't motivated by money, in fact his motivation stems from the love of music and his passion to mix music. In fact Bricey is so high energy, the energizer bunny has nothing on this DJ.