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The Top Tier Add-On Packages

Cold Sparks (PIC)

Package Price $550.00 for a pair (2) 

Everyone is talking about Cold Sparks. This is unlike anything you have ever seen before, and this is why WE can bring it to the floor.

More Information + SC Law Disclaimer. We do not offer venue insurance for cold sparks. Venue insurance for cold sparks must be purchased by the client or the coordinator.

uplights (PIC)

Package Price: $250.00 for 12 (total)

$30.00 each

Uplighting Packages are great for adding that vibrant color pop when you enter a room. Our lights are wireless, and battery powered. 


Package Price: $325.00

 One 55"  UHD TV with One white wedding columned totem. These are perfect for slideshows, video montage, VDJ (Music Video DJ), or your personalized vision.

Our Most Popular


$200.00 for each

Sometimes you need just 1 more speaker that can reach cocktail hour, or a space further away. Satellite speakers are wireless, and battery powered.

hazefx (PIC)

$50.00 for One

 Atmospheric FX. This special FX is what you need to create light refracting shimmer throughout the air. WE only use water based, chemical free (nothing else) based liquids. Also, it does NOT affect breathing.

ceremony  (PIC)

Package Price $375.00

A modern approach to ceremonies. Stress free side by side coordination. Online planning (no account needed).

Overtime & Custom Add-Ons

extended hours (PIC)

 Hourly Rate $250.00 per One Hour

Need an extra hour on the fly? You may need extra time if your reception becomes "LIT." You can add extra time immediately. Just ask your DJ during your wedding. If paying by P2P, please note that a 3.3% charge will be added to the total.

mashup (PIC)

   $100.00 for One Custom Song 

Do you love a song, but wish you could studio mix it the way you wish it could be? Many couples are having their DJ create a custom grand entrance song, or first dance song? WE can create remixes or mashups in our studio for you. Each custom song includes One (1) Free revision.

 $25.00 for each revision

wirelmic (PIC)

Package Price: $50.00

Wireless Microphone System. This package includes several options. You can choose two (2) handheld microphones. You can choose two (2) lavalier lapel microphones. You can choose one (1) handheld mic, and one (1) lapel mic.

Lighting & SFX Add-Ons

spot (PIC)

$150.00 for Two (2)

Have you seen the award shows, or maybe a TV show where theres a singing competition? These lights are the ones that move a beam of light around like Hollywood. We have those too.

mlight (PIC)

Package Price $185.00 

Modern LED Lights. Low energy  consumption party lighting. AI light show programmed to your event day music. Included is...

mflowr (PIC)

Package Price $50.00 for Two (2)

Want to add more color to your dance floor? The Moonflower & Laser upgrade is perfect. This package comes with two (2) AI lighting fixtures.

Free Service(s) Offered

Leave a Video Message

Included in Wedding Package 3

$100.00 for One (1)

Just as the title says. I started this service so your family, guests, wedding party could come to the DJ booth, and leave you the Bride & Groom a happy, or drunk hilarious short on video. No editing, Just RAW talent from your family.

Rehearsal Dinner DJ

Package Price $375.00

Not Included in any packages

Sometimes you want to practice like it's the real deal. Your DJ will bring your prepared music. We offer Only premium industry standard audio and sound equipment.

Digital DJ Request Live

Included in Wedding Packages 1, 2, & 3

This is a Free service that We offer to all of our family and friends. So make sure you bring your family and friends to the wedding so you can get the FREE Digital DJ Request Live! Ask your DJ about Digital DJ Request Live.

More Add-Ons

Star Projector

$50.00 for Two (2)


Included in Wedding Package 3

360 Pixel Tubes

Included in Wedding Packages 1, 2, & 3

What Do These Add-Ons Look Like?

The equipment listed on this page is not for rent. The items listed above are add-on packages, services and special FX. The equipment listed on this website includes delivery, setup, service, and removal. All package add-ons, & service include an operator.

WE  offer additional services, not listed here. If you have a need that is not listed on our website, than please contacts us quickly. WE will respond as quick as possible. WE will continue to grow, and during our growth WE will add more add-on services to this section. Place that bookmark, or heart on this page. WE will see you on the dancefloor.

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